Research: Plants also make sounds

Scientists have found that plants make sounds that cannot be heard by the human ear, and increase these sounds when thirsty or under stress.

According to the study published in the research journal «The Cell», botanists revealed that plants are not «silent creatures» contrary to what is known. «There are so many organisms that respond to sound, so I thought we have no good reason to believe that plants are deaf and dumb,» Professor Lilach Hadany, Dean of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Science, told CNN. used the phrase. Hadany, who first recorded the sound of a cactus using an ultrasonic microphone in his laboratory 6 years ago, said he was not sure whether the sound he recorded was coming from the cactus or something else in the environment. Stating that it was known before that plants create vibrations, but there is no evidence that this transforms into sound waves propagating in the air, Hadany noted that he and his team worked in soundproof acoustic boxes. The team, which placed ultrasonic microphones that can detect sounds between 20 and 250 kilohertz, in boxes where they put tobacco and tomato seedlings, cut certain parts of some plants, left some without water, and others did not touch them at all. The team then recorded sounds between 40 and 80 kilohertz, inaudible to the human ear. The team reported that these resembled the sound of popping corn. In addition, the team found that plants under stress produce more sound.

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Source Link: UZAY35/CNN/NTV/TRT

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Plants make sounds that are inaudible to humans and increase these sounds when thirsty or under stress, according to a study by botanists at Tel Aviv University. The team, which recorded the sounds of tobacco and tomato seedlings using ultrasonic microphones, found that plants produce noises between 40 and 80 kilohertz that resemble the sound of popping corn. Plants under stress were found to produce more sound. The research suggests that plants may respond to sound in ways that have not previously been understood.

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