Sharing from Galatasaray: Lale Orta resigns!

In the post made by Galatasaray Club, «Justice for everyone, not for a club! #LaleOrtaistifa, who has brought chaos to the league since the day he took office and became the flag bearer of a single club!» statements were included.

Beşiktaş's reaction to Arda Güler's penalty position

Beşiktaş’s reaction to Arda Güler’s penalty position

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

ACM Cyprus

ACM Cyprus

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Galatasaray Club shared a post on social media calling for justice for all clubs and not just one. The post also included the hashtag #LaleOrtaistifa, which translates to «Lale Orta resigns.» Lale Orta has been accused of causing chaos in the league since taking office and being biased towards a single club. Additionally, there is a separate image of Beşiktaş’s reaction to Arda Güler’s penalty position included in the post.

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