The 3rd Ordinary Congress of the People’s Party

The People’s Party Holds Third Ordinary Congress

The third ordinary congress of the People’s Party took place in Paradise Park, Nicosia. The event began with a moment of silence and the national anthem, followed by a speech from the Party Secretary General, Ahmet Tokatlıoğlu. In his speech, Tokatlıoğlu highlighted the reasons behind the formation of the party and summarized the events that have occurred since its establishment.

Tokatlıoğlu reminded attendees that the party withdrew from Parliament by taking the sine-i millet decision to protect the state and force the government to resign, after arguing that the government was formed in an illegitimate way by ignoring democracy.

The Chairman of the People’s Party, Kudret Özersay, then addressed members during the General Assembly. Özersay expressed his sadness over the recent earthquake and the tragic loss of life, calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

Furthermore, Özersay emphasized that the People’s Party is not a system party and believes in the right to self-determination. According to Özersay, independence is essential, and the party strongly believes in the TRNC state. However, when mistakes are made, the party will issue necessary warnings.

Özersay also drew attention to the electricity issue, pointing out that they are trying to finalize a contract with AKSA without a tender, which is not in the interest of society. He reminded attendees that the party had warned of the consequences a year ago, yet the warnings were ignored.

In his closing remarks, Özersay called for an end to the erosion of the rule of law and the constitutional superiority. He insisted that the government should resign.

After Özersay’s speech, the annual and financial reports were read and voted on. Following these votes, the election of the party presidency and the party council took place. Kudret Özersay, the only candidate in the voting, was re-elected as the Chairman. Additionally, a new party council was elected in accordance with the statutes of the People’s Party. In their first meeting, the new General Secretary and members of the Central Executive Organ, Disciplinary, and Audit organs will be appointed.

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