The abundance of nature; ‘Edible Herbs’

In these days when we live in the spring months, nature continues to offer us its generosity with the occasional rains.
While edible herbs are waiting to be collected on the plains, it is of great importance not to harm nature while collecting herbs.

Many edible herbs, from sage to goose’s feet, from ayrel to mountain thyme, from plain spinach to lapsana, are waiting to take their place on the tables…

Talking about the edible herbs in the plain for BRT, Alkan Kilitkayalı, a resident in the village of Kilitkaya, said that the people living in the village knew edible herbs and plants and included them on their tables.


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The article discusses the abundance of edible herbs available during the spring months and the importance of collecting them without harming nature. The article mentions various types of edible herbs, such as mountain thyme and plain spinach, and includes quotes from a resident in the village of Kilitkaya about the local knowledge and use of edible herbs. The article also includes images of the herbs and plants being discussed.

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