The hidden paradise of Mardin: Karasu Stream

Located in Mazıdağı district, there are dozens of waterfalls, large and small, surrounded by trees along the valley bed. Blackwater Streamwelcomes a large number of visitors every year.

Blackwater Stream’Citizens visiting the city have the opportunity to breathe clean air in an environment intertwined with nature by making trips accompanied by water and bird sounds.

The hidden paradise of Mardin: Karasu Stream - 2

Karasu Stream, whose water has decreased due to drought, is dazzling the mountain’s beauties as the water flow rises again after the rain that has been effective in the region in recent days.

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The Blackwater Stream in Mazıdağı district is a popular attraction for visitors who are welcomed by dozens of waterfalls surrounded by trees. The stream offers an environment that is intertwined with nature and visitors have the opportunity to breathe clean air while enjoying trips accompanied by the soothing sounds of water and birds. The Karasu Stream, another scenic spot in the area, has been affected by drought and the water flow has decreased, but recent rainfall has restored its beauty.

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