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Stephane stated that on March 23, Dina received a message from the post office that her mail could not go, and that she went there the next day and argued with the employees. According to Stephane, an employee took Dina’s number as well, stating that he would approach Dina and solve the problem and write his own number on the package.

Then the post office worker started texting with the young girl. Stating that 17-year-old Dina’s sexual demands of the post office employee were included in the correspondence, Stephane stated that Dina refused this but was upset because she had an argument with the post office employees and wanted to apologize.

Stephane stated that on Saturday, when she disappeared for this reason, Dina met with the post office employee, went to her friends’ house at around 9:00 pm, had dinner and watched videos. Stating that while Dina was video-talking with her mother, she noticed that her battery was low and wanted to go downstairs, and said that after this moment, the young girl disappeared.

Latest messages revealed in Gabonese student's death - 3


Trying to send a phone call to her hometown, the young girl also told her mother that she received sexual messages from people who said she would help her.

In his voice messages, messages written by Dinabongho to his mother, who begged his mother for permission to leave Karabuk, also appeared. Dinabongho tweeted, “They said they wouldn’t help me if I didn’t sleep with them. They tell me to wait 10 days, if I don’t sleep with them I have to give up the shipping package and the money. They’re offering me 10,000 liras to sleep with them.» said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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The article discusses the case of a 17-year-old Gabonese student named Dina, who disappeared in Turkey. According to Stephane, a friend of Dina, she had an argument with post office employees after receiving a message that her mail could not go, and one employee took her number to resolve the issue. The employee then started texting with Dina, and Stephane alleges that Dina’s sexual demands were included in the correspondence. Dina disappeared after going to meet the employee and spending time with friends. Dina also reportedly told her mother that she received sexual messages from people who said they would help her, and she asked her mother for permission to leave Karabuk. Dinabongho, Dina’s Twitter account, posted messages begging for help and stating that people were offering her money to sleep with them. The case is under investigation, and Gabonese authorities have asked Turkey for assistance.

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