They rained bullets on the people sitting in the cafe! New details from the conflict in Esenyurt

The incident occurred at around 00.30 in the Esenyurt Güzelyurt District. 4 people, who came with 2 motorcycles, rained bullets on the people sitting in a cafe on the street. After the incident, the police were informed. The police teams who came to the scene after the notice wanted to look at the security cameras of the cafe, but the cafe staff said that the cameras were broken. The police, who could not watch the video, left the area after the crime scene studies. After the teams left, he learned that a person who was shot in the leg went to a private hospital in Esenyurt.

The teams that went to the hospital determined that the injured person was Metran P. It was determined that the suspect was brought to the hospital by his friends in a private vehicle, and then he was taken to Çam and Sakura City Hospital by the same friends. Reaching the injured, the teams consulted the information of Metran P. and his friends. Metran P. told the police that while he was sitting in the cafe, people on motorcycles shot at them, he fell on the ground after the incident, but he was injured in his leg and then went to the hospital. After the statement of the injured and his friends, the teams started a large-scale study to catch the suspects.

On the other hand, the security camera of the moments when the injured Metran P. came out of the hospital appeared. In the images, it is seen that Metran P., who was taken out with a wheelchair, was put into the vehicle by his friends.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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Four people on two motorcycles opened fire on a cafe in Esenyurt Güzelyurt District at around 00.30, injuring one person in the leg. The police teams arrived on the crime scene and attempted to view the security cameras of the cafe, but the staff said that the cameras were not working. Later, one of the injured people was taken to a private hospital by friends, and then to Çam and Sakura City Hospital. The police spoke to the injured, who claimed that he was shot while sitting in the cafe, and he fell to the ground, and then his friends took him to the hospital. After receiving the statement from the injured and his friends, the police launched an investigation to find the suspects. CCTV footage later emerged showing the injured being put into a vehicle by his friends.

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