Tomorrow marks the Night of Power

Muslims across the world are preparing to celebrate the Night of Power, which is considered one of the most significant nights in the Islamic faith. The night, which is believed to be better than a thousand months, is said to be when the Holy Quran was sent down to Prophet Muhammad by Allah.

Gökan İnik, the President of the TRNC Religious Officials Association, explained that the Night of Power signifies the moment that the Holy Quran meets humanity and illuminates the horizon of humanity. He further emphasized that it is the night when good and evil are separated and that it glorifies the highest honor of humanity.

İnik added that the Night of Power offers an opportunity for purification and forgiveness. The night has blessings and rewards that are worth more than a thousand months, and Allah’s mercy surrounds the earth, making it an exceptional night to seek repentance.

The Night of Power is celebrated by Muslims all over the world, including the Muslim Turkish world and the Islamic world. İnik expressed his hope that the universal principles revealed by the Holy Quran would encompass all humanity, bringing peace and harmony to our material and spiritual lives.

As the Muslim world prepares to say farewell to Ramadan, the month of mercy and forgiveness, İnik prayed that everyone would meet the Ramadan Feast in peace, security, and calmness.

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