TRNC wants to host more tourists from Azerbaijan

Serhan Aktunç, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, stated that 5,000 tourists came to the TRNC from Azerbaijan in 2022 and said, “I think this figure does not comply with the bond of love between us, the ‘three states, one nation’ logic.” said.

Arranging a press conference in Azerbaijan, where he came to attend the 19th International Tourism and Travel Fair (AITF 2023), Aktunç said that it is very important for them to increase the relations between the two countries, especially that the Azerbaijani people become more supportive of the TRNC.

Aktunç said, “In 2022, 5 thousand people from Azerbaijan visited the TRNC. I think this figure is not in line with the bond of love between us, the ‘three states, one nation’ logic. That’s why this great march needs to start again with our presidents standing behind them.» said.

Emphasizing that the Azerbaijani people have knowledge about the TRNC, Aktunç said, “In an environment where peoples are so deeply connected to each other, we need to take our relations to the next level, both economically and politically. I wish 2023 to be a new beginning year with a new goal and desire, in terms of tourism, politics and economic relations between the TRNC and Azerbaijan.” made its assessment.

Serhan Aktunç reminded that the TRNC has a very wide product range and continued as follows:

“We have products that will appeal to all segments in the TRNC. We have very luxurious hotels, we also have boutique hotels with lower budgets. A new airport was also established. There will also be flights to Baku on Wednesdays. On April 19, extra flights will start from Azerbaijan to the TRNC via Turkey and the prices will be more reasonable.”

Saying that there are also deficiencies in the cooperation between Azerbaijan and the TRNC in the field of education, Aktunç said, “We have nearly 200 Azerbaijani students studying in the TRNC. That number needs to go up as well.” he finished.

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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Serhan Aktunç, has expressed his desire to increase tourism and economic relations between Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Speaking at a press conference in Azerbaijan, Aktunç said that the bond of love between the two countries should be reflected in tourism, and cited the figure of only 5,000 Azerbaijani tourists visiting the TRNC in 2022 as insufficient. He urged the presidents of both countries to support a renewed effort to build tourism and economic ties. Aktunç also highlighted the range of products available for tourists in the TRNC, including both luxurious and budget hotels, and the upcoming launch of extra flights from Azerbaijan to the TRNC.

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