«Tuki the Tortoise Celebrates 103rd Birthday in Turkey»

Turtle Tuki, the oldest resident of the Faruk Yalçın Zoo in Darıca district of Kocaeli, celebrated his 103rd birthday recently. He is the oldest tortoise in Turkey and an endangered species. As part of the celebration, Tuki was given a birthday gift consisting of his favourite fruits and vegetables. The visitors of the zoo showed great interest in Tuki’s birthday surprise.

Tuğçe Özgü, the Training and Marketing Manager at Faruk Yalçın Zoo, said that Tuki is an endangered creature and they celebrated his birthday with the visitors and caregiver team. Özgü further added that they gave information about Tuki to visitors and then gave him a special birthday cake prepared by their caregivers.

The huge Aldabra Tortoise Tuki, who can live for about 250 years, was born three years before the proclamation of the Republic. He eats an average of 6-7 kilos of greens per day and likes dried meadow grass and alfalfa.

It’s great to see that the Faruk Yalçın Zoo is taking care of endangered species like Tuki and celebrating their milestones. It’s essential to protect such animals, and the zoo’s efforts are worth applauding.

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