What is the latest situation in Iskenderun after the earthquake? Minister Soylu announced the details

Minister Soylu attended the fast-breaking dinner organized by Üsküdar Municipality in the Iskenderun district of Hatay, for the first time in the container city. In his speech here, Minister Soylu drew attention to the fact that Turkey was faced with a great disaster, but this disaster did not face a humanitarian disaster. Soylu said, “This geography is Anatolia and these people are showing the whole world what humanity, brotherhood and solidarity are like. There are foreigners coming and going, how did you come to this situation in two months, what kind of solidarity is this, what kind of nation is this, what kind of state capacity is this, we see a municipality everywhere. What kind of brotherhood is this? In fact, they have seen with their eyes this understanding that we have shown in our most difficult times for hundreds of years.”

«We will erase the traces of the earthquake in Iskenderun»

Stating that 65% of the building debris in Iskenderun, which was destroyed in the earthquake and needed to be demolished urgently, has been removed and that the remaining debris will be removed until the feast, Soylu said, “Iskenderun residents should not worry. We will erase the traces of the earthquake in Iskenderun, and safer cities will come, and we will build a safer city for generations. Trust us, we will cultivate the understanding that will revive the brotherhood, culture, art, texture and neighborhood of this city, all together.”

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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The article discusses a speech given by Minister Soylu at a fast-breaking dinner in the Iskenderun district of Hatay. Soylu praised the people of Turkey for their humanity, brotherhood, and solidarity in the face of a great disaster. He also discussed the progress made in removing building debris from the earthquake in Iskenderun, stating that 65% had already been removed and the rest would be cleared by the upcoming feast. Soylu promised to rebuild Iskenderun as a safer city for generations and to revive its culture, art, texture, and neighborhood.

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