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The highlights of Dicle Canova’s statements are as follows:


There are 7 days and many things can happen of course. This week is going to be very tough. It’s going to be a busy week. Tendency and interviews in the AK Party are over. The upper commission chaired by President Erdogan will make the real evaluation. There will be more youth and women. It is expected to be applied to the board for 3 terms. If this is implemented, 42 names will not be on the list. The only thing that is certain in the People’s Alliance is that HUDAPAR will be included in the AK Party lists. It is said that 3 names will be included from the place that can be chosen. An MHP staff member I spoke to said, ‘We did not work on a joint list with the AK Party. In the provinces where 1 or 2 deputies were issued, the common list may have the advantage, but our logo is superior to everything else,’ he said. The AK Party and MHP seem determined not to make a joint list. Negotiations with the BBP and the Welfare Party will continue. By April 9, many things are possible.


A more challenging process awaits. Separate talks are being held between the CHP and the IYI Party. The option to withdraw from the alliance still exists. Withdrawals from alliances may occur until April 6th. Those who will enter the elections must nominate candidates in 41 provinces. If he does not nominate candidates from any province on April 9, and enters the lists of another party, he will be automatically dropped. He will have his signature on the alliance, but it won’t make any real sense. There is talk in the backstage that this formula can be activated. The IYI Party front did not confirm the claim that a joint list will be made in 9-10 provinces. Negotiations continue. There are signals from the CHP that there may be partnerships in more provinces. There may be lists that will confuse the electorate.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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Dicle Canova, a political analyst, has stated that the AK Party and MHP are unlikely to make a joint list for the upcoming elections. The upper commission, headed by President Erdogan, will make the final evaluation of the candidates. The People’s Alliance will include HUDAPAR on their lists, and three names are expected to be chosen from a particular place. The BBP and the Welfare Party will continue negotiations with AK Party and MHP. In the National Alliance, the CHP and IYI party are separately holding talks. The possibility of withdrawing from the alliance still exists until April 6th, and candidates must nominate themselves in 41 provinces. Confusion may arise due to the formation of partnership lists in different provinces.

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