When is the 2023 Night of Power? What day is the date of Diyanet Qadr Night?

The history of the Night of Power began to be investigated by the Muslim world, who wanted to spend the holy night by worshiping. Diyanet announced the date of the Night of Power this year within the calendar of religious days. Here is the importance of this meaningful night and the date it coincided…


The date of the Night of Power, which will be realized on the 26th day of Ramadan, will coincide with Monday, April 17, 2023 this year.


One of the features that makes this night superior to all other times is that the Quran, our life guide, which was sent down as the greatest sign of Allah’s mercy to His servants and enlightened the horizons of humanity for 14 centuries, was sent down tonight. Our Lord said, «We have sent it (the Qur’an) down in the Night of Power.» As he declares in the verse (Kadir, 1), this night is the night when the earth meets with the most beautiful words, the healing of believing hearts, the guide of guidance for humanity, the source of truth and wisdom.

The night of power, which is better than a thousand months, is an important opportunity to review our relationship with the Qur’an and to reorganize our relations with ourselves, our environment and the whole universe, especially our Lord, on the basis of oneness, justice, mercy and good morals.

What are the rosaries and dhikrs to be made in Ramadan? Prayers and dhikrs of the month of Ramadan 2022!

What are the rosaries and dhikrs to be made in Ramadan? Prayers and dhikrs of the month of Ramadan 2022!

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The article discusses the significance and date of the Night of Power, also known as the Night of Qadr, in the Muslim calendar. It mentions that the Quran was sent down on this night and that it is a time for reflection and reorganizing one’s relationship with Allah, oneself, and others. The article also includes a related image and link to another article about rosaries and dhikrs to be made during Ramadan.

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