Where is Selimiye Mosque and How to Go? Selimiye Mosque History And Features…

Selimiye Mosque, which is a valuable historical and cultural heritage, is open to worship and is frequently visited by Muslims on religious days and nights. Selimiye Mosque, one of the most valuable works of Ottoman-Turkish architecture, is a very special work with the materials and workmanship used in its construction.

Where is Selimiye Mosque?

The word Selimiye represents the colors white and light pink. It also means beautiful embroidered silk fabric. This name was given to the fabric because the place where the fabric is woven is Selimiye, located in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul. The mosque, which has been admired by everyone and frequently visited, has managed to arouse curiosity since the day it was built with its historical importance. Its characteristics further increase the deep love and respect for Mimar Sinan. Selimiye Mosque is located in Edirne, our city that inspires with its historical and natural beauties.

How to get to Selimiye Mosque?

Selimiye Mosque is located in Edirne Center. The historical mosque is located on Mimar Sinan Street. Transportation to the city can be easily provided by passenger buses and private vehicles from outside the city. The distance between Istanbul and Edirne is quite close. You can reach Edirne center in a short time like two and a half hours.

After arriving in Edirne, it is possible to go to the famous Selimiye Mosque by taxi, private vehicle or public transport. Those who want to go to Selimiye Mosque from the bus station can prefer minibuses. You can reach the mosque by walking from the center of Edirne.

Selimiye Mosque History and Features

Edirne; It is a valuable city with its bazaars, bridges, historical houses, mosques and especially the world-famous Selimiye Mosque. Edirne, which welcomes those who come to our country for the first time, has a different touristic importance with its feature of being a border city.

Selimiye Mosque, which must be visited by those who set foot in Edirne, is the Ottoman ruler II. It was built by Mimar Sinan by Selim and was put into service on March 14, 1575. The mosque, which Mimar Sinan describes as a masterpiece and completed at the age of 80, is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman-Turkish architecture.

Selimiye Mosque; it contains many motif decorations such as marble, stone, tile, mother-of-pearl and wood and reveals a very rich and impressive visuality. Selimiye Mosque was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. The muezzin ruined by 12 marble columns in the middle of Selimiye Mosque and Edirnekari pencil works with gold leaf constitute the most distinguished examples reflecting the classical period. The popular tiles of the Selimiye Mosque were designed and specially produced in Iznik using the sirat technique.

Selimiye Mosque was built on a total area of ​​2475 meters. The dome of this magnificent work of Mimar Sinan is 43.28 meters in diameter and 31.30 meters in diameter. The weight of the dome is 2,000 tons on average. The dome rises with all its splendor on 8 columns. Selimiye Mosque has four minarets that can be seen even when viewed from a great distance. The minarets of the mosque are 3.80 meters in diameter and 70.89 meters high.

The minarets of Selimiye Mosque were built using a special technique that has never been applied before. The minarets built from the interior of the Selimiye Mosque are not visible. Therefore, the architectural structure is easy to understand. Each of the minarets has three balconies, which adds a different aesthetic to the historical structure. It is among the prominent features of the mosque that these balconies can be reached in three different ways. These paths do not overlap with each other. In this way, people who leave these roads do not see each other at all.

15 thousand people worked in the construction of Selimiye Mosque. Its construction was completed in 1575. After its completion, the magnificent building was put into service. The construction of Selimiye Mosque took 7 years. With its width, the mosque allows 6,000 people to worship at the same time. The army that went on an expedition during the Ottoman period stopped to pray in this mosque. The mosque was opened for worship after Selim II passed away. Sultan Selim II could not see the completion of the mosque.

Selimiye Mosque, whose construction started in 1568, was developed by Yıldırım Bayezid and was used for worship in many areas. The work, which contains the most beautiful examples of Islamic and Ottoman Architecture, has many more beauties in its interior structure. Selimiye, a distinguished mosque with its slender and graceful minarets, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Selimiye Mosque and Complex.

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The Selimiye Mosque is a historical and cultural heritage site that is frequently visited by Muslims for religious purposes. Located in Edirne, Turkey, the mosque was built by renowned architect Mimar Sinan during the Ottoman Empire and is considered one of the most valuable examples of Ottoman-Turkish architecture. The mosque features various decorations such as marble, stone, tile, mother-of-pearl, and wood, and is rich in visual appeal. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. The construction of Selimiye Mosque took seven years and involved 15,000 workers. The mosque’s dome, which rises on eight columns, is 43.28 meters in diameter and weighs 2,000 tons on average. The mosque can accommodate up to 6,000 worshippers at once, and its four minarets are 3.80 meters in diameter and 70.89 meters high. The minarets were built using a special, never-before-used technique and each has three balconies that can be accessed via three different paths. Selimiye Mosque is a masterpiece of Islamic and Ottoman architecture and should be visited by anyone who goes to Edirne.

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