«YSK Warns of Invalid Votes: What Makes a Vote Invalid?»

Invalid Votes: Reasons and Consequences

The right to vote is one of the pillars of democracy. Citizens exercise this right to choose, by means of free and secret ballot, the candidates and proposals that will lead the country. However, in order for elections to be fair, transparent and reliable, certain rules must be followed. One of them is the validity of the vote. In a recent video released by the Electoral Authority, some of the reasons why a vote may be considered invalid were highlighted.

Among them, the following stand out: not printing the «yes» or «preference» seal, marking more than one option on the ballot, tearing or breaking the ballot paper, inserting any special sign or drawing on the ballot, and removing any item bearing the meaning of a sign from the envelope. Moreover, if the ballot paper is scribbled or with any other kind of mark, that could make the vote invalid.

But what does it mean to have an invalid vote? In short, it means that the vote is not considered when counting the results. It’s a vote that does not contribute to any of the candidates or options presented on the ballot. That is why it is essential to be clear about how to vote, how to avoid invalid votes, and what are the consequences of having one.

Invalid votes not only reduce the total number of votes cast but can also influence the final result. Therefore, avoiding them is the responsibility of every citizen. The Electoral Authority recommends double-checking the ballot before submitting it and avoiding any unnecessary marks, stamps or drawings. If in doubt, ask the polling station personnel for guidance and clarification.

In short, voting is a fundamental right that carries great responsibility. The validity of the vote is a fundamental aspect that must be taken into account to guarantee free, fair and transparent elections. Avoiding invalid votes is simple, but it requires attention and responsibility. Let’s make our vote count and contribute to building a better democracy.

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