Ziroat Mirziyoyeva meets with children of boarding school in Namangan

All schoolchildren were examined and provided with hearing aids.

Photo: Zamin foundation

Ziroat Mirziyoyeva met with the children of specialized boarding school No. 46 of Namangan region, had a sincere conversation and shared the joy of success with them.

With the support of the “Zamin” fund, all the students of the school were examined and provided with hearing aids. Also, the school was delivered modern auxiliary equipment, the computer class was equipped, robotics kits were distibuted. Informatics teachers were trained on the basis of a special methodology.

Within the framework of the “Zamin Education” project, the “Zamin” fund and “Digital Generation Uzbekistan” NGO held the republican inclusive IT camp “Digital Generation Girls – 2023”.

72 girls participated in the event. For three days, they improved their knowledge of graphic and digital design, web programming and participated in competitive programs. Then they presented their projects to the competition.

Participants of the IT camp told the guests about their results and new projects.

Malika Usmonova from specialized school No. 46 was among the winners of the competition in the “Digital Art” category.

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Ziroat Mirziyoyeva, the wife of Uzbekistan’s President, has visited a boarding school in Namangan region and distributed hearing aids, delivered modern equipment, and even distributed robotics kits. The project, «Zamin Education», has also seen the introduction of a new inclusivity-focused IT camp for girls to learn digital and graphic design and web programming, with 72 girls participating over the course of three days. The participants shared their results and new projects with the guests, which included Malika Usmonova, a winner of the competition’s «Digital Art» category.

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