13 fatalities reported in India due to heat wave

Extreme Heat in India Leads to Loss of Life at Outdoor Event

The city of Navi Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India experienced scorching temperatures that rose up to 38 degrees Celsius, resulting in loss of life. An outdoor event held in the city was attended by hundreds of people where a temperature rise caused participants to faint from thirst and hot weather. The event started at 11:30 am and ended at 1 pm, where the Minister of Interior, Amit Shah, was also present and awarded the local authorities for their services.

Authorities confirmed that at least thirteen people died from health complications caused by the extreme heat. The government has announced financial support to the families of the participants who lost their lives. Despite the hot weather, participants sat under the sun for hours, leading to health problems.

As global warming continues to impact the planet, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of implementing policies to reduce human activity’s impact on climate change. Extreme weather conditions, such as the heatwave in Navi Mumbai, are a grim reminder of the urgent need for action to address this global concern.

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