«Last Minute Update: Schools in Hatay and Adıyaman Reopen»

Schools to reopen in earthquake-hit provinces of Adıyaman and Hatay, says Turkish Minister of National Education

Turkey’s Minister of National Education, Mahmut Özer, has announced that schools are set to reopen in Adıyaman and Hatay, two of the country’s provinces that were hit by earthquakes. The minister stated that education has been restored in all districts of 79 provinces across Turkey, and that Hatay and Adıyaman were the only two provinces left where schools were yet to open.

Özer said that education had already commenced in Iskenderun in the Hatay province, as well as in the districts of Belen, Hassa and Kumlu on April 10. After the break, schools in all districts of Hatay and Adıyaman will open, he added.

The minister highlighted that the opening of schools in all districts will accelerate the return of students who were transferred from the earthquake zones to other provinces. As of now, the number of students who have returned is 32,659. With the opening of schools in Hatay and Adıyaman, that figure is expected to increase rapidly.

Özer concluded by expressing his hope for a speedy recovery for the affected regions and that Turkey will not have to suffer such hardship again.

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