Army and HDK in Sudan remain in conflict

Clashes in Sudan continue, intensifying in various locations including Khartoum International Airport, Meravi and Ubaid airports, the Presidential Palace, the army headquarters in the capital and state television. The disagreement between the army and paramilitary non-governmental organization HDK regarding military security reform has led to violent conflict. Yesterday morning, armed clashes broke out resulting in 56 deaths and 595 injuries among civilians and soldiers.

Both the army and HDK have announced the opening of «safe roads» for civilians to pass through. The army’s safe roads will be available from 4 pm for three hours, while HDK has offered a four-hour safe period upon request from the United Nations. Despite this, gunshots can still be heard as the time started.

The situation in Sudan remains volatile. While the army and HDK have agreed to open safe corridors for civilians, both parties have retained the right to respond in case of breach. The conflict between the army and HDK shows no signs of abating, and the safety of civilians remains a concern.

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