Foundations Join Forces with Feyzioğlu to Aid Earthquake Victims

Turkey’s Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Metin Feyzioğlu, recently participated in the Let’s Compete in Goodness Social Responsibility Project Competition program. Created under the leadership of the Cyprus Foundations Administration (Evkaf), the program aims to spread the civilization of goodness and promote good deeds.

During the event, Feyzioğlu acknowledged the recent earthquake in Turkey which caused the loss of children’s lives in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). He also praised the TRNC for opening its doors to help thousands of citizens affected by the earthquake, including those from the Motherland who arrived on ships. Feyzioğlu further acknowledged that the Foundations Administration provided food, clothing, shelter, and great support.

He concluded his statement by emphasizing the importance of competing in kindness, stating that the Republic of Turkey will always be with the people of TRNC in spreading goodness. The Let’s Compete in Goodness Social Responsibility Project Competition aims to encourage organizations and individuals to participate in activities that promote kindness and social responsibility, spreading a positive message throughout the community.

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