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Gülay Afşar’s Night and Day: A Must-Watch Show for Culture and Art Enthusiasts

For those who are passionate about culture and art, Gülay Afşar’s Night and Day is a show that should not be missed. The show covers everything that is happening in the city day and night, from music and cinema to exhibitions and fashion.

One of the main objectives of Night and Day is to put Turkey’s culture and art agenda in the spotlight. The show aims to raise awareness about the importance of art and culture in our lives and to highlight the works of talented artists who deserve recognition.

In the episode aired on April 10, 2023, viewers had the chance to watch a wide range of cultural and artistic events in the city. From theatrical performances to book launches, the show covered it all. The episode also featured interviews with prominent artists, writers, and designers, offering viewers an in-depth look at their creative processes and inspirations.

Night and Day is more than just a show that provides entertainment; it is an initiative that celebrates the richness and diversity of Turkey’s cultural landscape. By showcasing the best of Turkish art and culture, the show is helping to create a more vibrant and dynamic society that embraces creativity and innovation.

If you have a love for culture and the arts, be sure to tune in to Gülay Afşar’s Night and Day. You won’t be disappointed.

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