Deadly Gun Attack in US Park Leaves 2 Dead

Two People Killed and Four Injured in Shooting at Louisville Park

Louisville, Kentucky has been hit by yet another tragedy, with a shooting at Chickasaw Park leaving two people dead and four others injured. The incident, which occurred on Saturday night, saw shots being fired into a crowd at around 9 PM. Details are still emerging, but it is not yet known how many people were involved in the attack.

According to the Louisville Police Department, there were hundreds of people in the park at the time of the shooting, with one of the injured reported to be in a serious condition. It is not clear what the motive for the attack was, but investigations are ongoing.

The shooting comes just a week after another armed attack in the city, in which five people died and eight were injured, including two police officers. The attack took place at the Old National Bank, and the 23-year-old attacker, Connor Sturgeon, was found dead following a shootout with the police.

Reacting to the latest incident, Mayor Craig Greenberg expressed his shock and sadness. «This has been a week of indescribable tragedy for our city,» he said. «This is not our city. This is not us.»

The people of Louisville will be hoping that the authorities can quickly get to the bottom of these attacks and take action to prevent any further violence.

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