Fly Arystan Resumes Flights to Samarkand, Yerevan

ASTANA – Fly Arystan, the Kazakh low-cost airline, plans to launch flights on the Aktau-Yerevan route from May 4, reported the company’s press service.

Photo credit: Fly Arystan.

Regular flights will be operated twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.

Fly Arystan launched flights to Yerevan from Almaty in May 2022, but were suspended in September 2022 due to reasons “beyond the control of the airline.”

The air carrier also resumed direct flights on the Almaty-Samarkand route on March 18. Seasonal flights will be operated twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays through May 31.

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Kazakh low-cost airline Fly Arystan will run services on the Aktau-Yerevan route from May 4. Flights will run twice a week on Thursday and Sunday using the Airbus A320neo. The airline restarted services to Samarkand, Uzbekistan from Almaty on March 18, operating twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday through May 31.

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