The excitement of being called up to the national team of the earthquake survivor female basketball player

Dilan Göçmenoğlu, who was in Diyarbakır, where she lived during the earthquakes affecting 11 provinces centered in Kahramanmaraş, made a statement to the AA correspondent at the national team camp.

The national athlete stated that his parents were also athletes, he started handball at the age of 10 and has been playing basketball for 13 years.

«My father was a football player and my mother was a handball player. They met in the coaching department at Dicle University. I graduated from the same department. They made me play basketball because I was hyperactive when I was younger. We are three sisters. My sister and brother are also hearing impaired. I did not hear when my teacher called me in primary school. My hearing loss has been noticed.»

Dilan explained that she started using the device later on, but when she was little, she secretly took the device out while going to school because the children were making fun of it.

«Then I learned to lip-read. My parents used to make me talk to myself in front of the mirror all the time. They made me read audiobooks. That’s how I improved lip-reading.»

Dilan noted that she also played some football, but continued to play basketball with her father’s coach friend and remained in this branch.

«I was playing in Diyarbakir Basketball Club, but the season was closed due to the earthquake. I was selected for the national team. I am excited to go to the World Championship with the national team.»

«We lost our club president Serhan Özdemir and his family in the earthquake»

Dilan expressed her condolences to those who died in the earthquake and God’s mercy to those who died in the earthquake.

«I experienced the earthquake in Diyarbakır. We lost our club president Serhan Özdemir and his family in the earthquake. We are very sad. We were going to wake up and go to the match, such an event happened. After the earthquake, people from Diyarbakır extended their hands to everyone as if they were not injured. We also took part in aid activities. We had a hard time. Our psyche broke down, but now I’m back at camp and trying to recover.»

Dilan stated that they are working hard with double training a day for the World Championship to be held in Greece.

«We are in a very good harmony with the team. We are getting used to it more and more. We are ready for the World Championship. Even though it is our first camp, I can feel it. We want to go to the World Championships assertively. We want to represent our country in the best way by getting a gold medal, not second or third place. «

Şencan: We will win medals and present them to earthquake victims

Özlem Şencan, Head Coach of the Deaf Women’s National Basketball Team, stated that they entered the training camp with 15 athletes for the World Championship. Şencan stated that they participated in aid campaigns for earthquake victims together.

«There are newcomers among us. It was a good camp for us to see them. Dilan is one of them. Dilan started campaigns and we helped. May God be very helpful to those in the earthquake area. Hopefully, we will win a medal at the World Championship to be held in June and present it to earthquake victims.»

Şencan also evaluated his opponents in the World Championship.

«We have Lithuania, Italy and Kenya in our group. Our goal is to finish in the top two in the group. It will be a cross match with the first two of the opposing group. We will try to match with Poland or Ukraine. We will plan a strategy there. If we come out of that matchup, we will get the medal, God willing.»

Assistant Coach Burcu Pelister said, «Dilan was in the middle of the pain. We called her here when the pain subsided. We tried everything to fix her psychology. Thank God, her performance is good in our camp now. Our preparations for the World Championship are going very well. We will return with a medal this year.» made a statement.

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Dilan Göçmenoğlu, a hearing-impaired athlete from Turkey’s Deaf Women’s National Basketball Team, spoke about her experience with hearing loss and her journey as an athlete. Dilan’s parents were both athletes, and she started playing handball at the age of 10 before switching to basketball. Dilan also shared that she had to learn to lip-read and use audiobooks to improve her communication skills due to her hearing loss.

Dilan expressed her condolences to those who lost their lives in the recent earthquakes affecting Turkey and noted that the team participated in aid activities to help those affected. Despite the challenges, the team is working hard for the upcoming World Championship, with the goal of winning a gold medal and representing their country in the best way possible.

Head Coach Özlem Şencan stated that the team entered the training camp with 15 athletes for the World Championship and participated in aid campaigns for earthquake victims. Assistant Coach Burcu Pelister also noted that they had worked to support Dilan’s mental health after the earthquakes.

The team’s goal is to finish in the top two of their group to move on to the cross match and potentially win a medal. Ultimately, the team aims to present any medals they win to those affected by the recent earthquakes.

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