Forestry officials to be given official titles in honor of fallen colleagues

Turkey’s Agriculture and Forest Minister, Bekir Pakdemirli Kirişçi, spoke at Ardahan University’s Agriculture Sector Representatives Meeting, stating that the government is working on planned agriculture to help producers earn more. He mentioned that the new legislation will be a turning point in the agricultural sector, which will make the producers register for support. The minister also stressed the need to make use of 686,000 hectares of idle land, which could result in an additional agricultural product of 14 billion liras.

Kirişçi emphasized the government’s commitment to keep women in rural areas, with a guarantee of insurance for women living in rural regions. He also mentioned that Ardahan would be the only province in Turkey without an irrigation system, which the government aims to solve with the installation of closed systems, such as dams and ponds.

The minister also announced an official title for the 105 forest martyrs who died during forest fires. In addition, the government plans to establish a rangeland guard to ensure fair and just grazing in pastures.

Kirişçi’s speech highlights the government’s efforts to promote planned agriculture, support rural women, and increase the productivity of rural areas. It also shows the government’s commitment to protect the country’s forests and natural resources.

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