German MEP warns of PM Orbán as a security threat for Europe

MEP Daniel Freund Continues to Criticize Hungarian Prime Minister on Twitter

European Greens MEP Daniel Freund has once again attacked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán via Twitter, asking ChatGPT to write a poem about corruption in Hungary. Freund’s Twitter account is filled with critical tweets about Hungary and Orbán. The German politician also declared that Hungary should not receive any EU funding until its Parliament accepts Stockholm’s NATO accession. In response, Hungary’s international spokesman, Zoltán Kovács, asked ChatGPT to write a rap song about Freund. Meanwhile, opposition party LMP has called on Hungary’s Minister of Construction and Transport, Janos Lazar, to support sustainable developments in Budapest to create a greener and more livable city. LMP MP Mate Kanasz-Nagy said that developing the capital was not only the responsibility of the city council, but of the government as well.

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