Belgian Model Joins Super League Team Samsunspor: Latest Sports Update

Huseyin Eroglu, the coach who led Yılport Samsunspor to win the third championship of his career and end an 11-year longing for the Super League, has started his preparations for the upcoming season. After President Yüksel Yıldırım announced that they will continue with Eroğlu in the Super League, the experienced coach went to Belgium to exchange information about the system created by the officials of the Westerlo Club.

During his visit, Eroğlu was also reunited with one of his former students, Ravil Tagir. The Yılport Samsunspor delegation, which included Yılport Samsunspor Executive Board Member Suat Çakır, was welcomed by Westerlo Deputy Chairman Hasan Çetinkaya and Westerlo Technical Director Jonas de Roeck. Eroğlu and Çakır exchanged ideas about transfer and planning, and also watched the Brugge-Westerlo match.

Both clubs gave each other uniforms to commemorate the day, and Eroğlu returned home with valuable insights gained from his visit. Fans of Yılport Samsunspor are eagerly waiting to see how Eroğlu will apply his knowledge and experience to lead the team towards success in the Super League.

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