Imamoglu’s Visit to Syriac Church in Beyoglu.

The Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited the Syriac Ancient Virgin Mary Church in Beyoğlu to celebrate Easter with the Assyrian Ancient Congregation. During the visit, İmamoğlu met with the Deputy Patriarch of the congregation, Yusuf Çetin, and members of the community.

İmamoğlu expressed his hopes for unity and diversity in the city, saying that he would spend the holiday in Hatay with the people. He stated that their togetherness and unity should be long-lasting and wished for the existence of diversity in the city. He emphasized the importance of supporting each other during difficult times, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake that affected Istanbul earlier this year, causing loss of lives and injuries across all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

Yusuf Çetin expressed his appreciation for İmamoğlu’s visit and stressed that they all glorify the same God with their different languages and traditions. He also prayed for unity and peace in the world, reminding everyone of the importance of loving their human neighbor as themselves.

The visit was viewed as a symbol of unity and solidarity in the city, as people from different communities came together to celebrate Easter and support each other during these challenging times.

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