«Expert’s Warning: Stay Indoors During Windy Weather»

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Nadir Cömert has provided important advice on nutrition before and during pregnancy. According to Cömert, it is essential for expectant mothers to reach a healthy weight before pregnancy, as being overweight can increase the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy. Cömert recommends seeking advice from a dietitian and implementing a sports program to achieve a healthy weight.

Cömert also emphasized the importance of folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, stressing that pregnant women should begin taking folic acid supplements three months before getting pregnant and continue through the first trimester. Iron and vitamin D are also important vitamins to consume during pregnancy. Expectant mothers should increase their calorie intake by 200 to 350 kilocalories per day and add nutritious snacks to their daily meals for protein, calcium, and other vitamins.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are especially important during spring when seasonal changes and winds can increase pollen levels. Pregnant women should avoid going outside during windy weather, as they can develop allergic reactions to pollen. If necessary, allergy medications may be prescribed, but only under the guidance of a gynecologist.

In summary, maintaining a healthy weight before and during pregnancy, taking folic acid supplements, and consuming nutritious snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables can significantly benefit expectant mothers and their babies. Pregnant women should also avoid going outside during windy weather to prevent allergic reactions.

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