Minister Varank pledges to remove more brands like Togg from the city

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Bursa and made sahur with the youth of the city, offering them Bursa Tahanlısı, bagels, and pastries at the Historical Abdal Square. During his invitation, Minister Varank asked the young people if they were ready to make sahur with Togg, not with Bursa Tahanlı and simit at Abdal tonight. He reminded them that Togg was produced in Gemlik, adding that they would work to get many more brands, like Togg, out of the city.

Minister Varank spread the scarf of Bursaspor’s supporter group Texas, which was given to him as a gift, on the console of the Togg office vehicle with 16 BRS 99 plate. He also pledged to purchase 16 thousand heirloom tickets, which were part of the «Relic Ticket» campaign.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also joined Minister Varank at sahur, stating that the tea was on him. Aktaş remarked that Turkey’s 60-year expectation of the Togg vehicle was almost complete and expressed gratitude to Minister Varank for attending the meetings many times to ensure the vehicle’s production.

The young people who attended the sahur expressed their satisfaction and thanked the organizers for the event. Young people from Gemlik, the capital of Togg, expressed their appreciation for Minister Varank’s attendance.

The sahur also included the taste of Bursa Tahanlısı, a sweet pita unique to Bursa, which is preferred by Bursa residents together with simit during sahur. Overall, it was an enjoyable and successful event bringing together the industry, technology, and youth of Bursa.

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