Government Reveals Plans to Tighten Child Protection

The Hungarian governing parties plan to submit the next child protection package to the parliament in the autumn, counting on the contribution of child protection organizations, said Fidesz MEP Gabriella Selmeczi at a conference on Monday.

On Hungarian child protection measures, the politician said that several aspects of the fight against pedophile crimes have been tightened, including the penalties – the most serious cases are punishable at the same level as manslaughter – and a ban on employment has been made mandatory so that if someone is convicted of such crimes, he or she can no longer go out among children.

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The LGBTQ and gender propaganda did not stop at Hungary’s borders,”

warned Selmeczi, who said people should be asked whether Hungary needed to ban sex reassignment surgery for under-18s by force of law. She noted that such operations are not currently prohibited but that the general experience is that they are not carried out.

child protection conference

Gabriella Selmeczi (Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh)

Magyar Nemzet reported that at the conference, Christl Ruth Vonholdt, a pediatrician and former head of the German Institute for Youth and Society, said that if medical measures – including anti-puberty drugs and the use of sex hormones – are not used, gender dysphoria will disappear in 85 percent of children during adolescence.

He also pointed out that, at the same time, the proportion of children treated with puberty suppressants who persist with sex change is rapidly increasing, with the majority even undergoing sex reassignment surgery. In doing so, he continued, they are choosing to become irreversibly infertile and also taking on a lifelong dependence on hormones.

In my view, a child of 10 or even 17 is not capable of understanding the consequences of such a decision,”

he said.

Írisz Sipos, press officer for the ecumenical Offensive Junger Christen community, pointed out that a draft German law would include “homophobic and transphobic motives” in the criminal code and would criminalize any treatment, measures, or counseling that could challenge, delay or hinder the process of gender reassignment. She pointed out that this would also apply to parents and teachers. The draft law does not even raise the possibility that a child’s “intention to transition” could be temporary, she noted.

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The Hungarian governing parties plan to submit a new child protection package to parliament in the autumn, according to Fidesz MEP Gabriella Selmeczi. The package will include contributions from child protection organisations and seeks to tighten its crime-fighting measures, making the penalties for paedophilic crimes equal to those for manslaughter, and a mandatory ban on employment for those convicted of such crimes. Selmeczi argued that questions should be asked about whether sex reassignment surgery for minors under the age of 18 needs to be banned by law. Pediatrician Christl Ruth Vonholdt, speaking at the same conference, called for anti-puberty drugs and sex hormones to be used to treat gender dysphoria, as if medical treatment is rejected in 85% of cases, the dysphoria disappears on its own.

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