Minister Akar Reports Destruction of Camps in Northern Iraq

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has stated that terrorist camps in northern Iraq are being destroyed, and their shelters, bunkers, and lairs are being demolished. Akar made these comments during a campaign trail stop in the districts of Felahiye and Özvatan, where he met with citizens and emphasized the importance of security in the growth and strengthening of the country.

Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey is focused on becoming a strong and great nation, according to Akar. To achieve this, they are doing everything that needs to be done to save their noble nation from the terror scourge that has plagued them for 40 years. Domestic security is crucial so that the 85 million people in Turkey can live in peace and comfort.

Akar also stated that Turkey’s struggle against terrorism will continue with determination, no matter who is behind the terrorists or whoever supports them. The terrorist organization is currently in a state of collapse, and to prevent this, some internal and external employees are trying to help the terrorist organization breathe. These efforts will be futile, and they will not prevent the collapse of terrorism.

Turkey is approaching an important election, and Akar emphasized the importance of distancing oneself from those who will give life to the terrorist organization against which Turkey has been fighting for years. Those who do not distance themselves from terrorism are a problem, and their foresight and respect for national and moral values should be considered when casting a vote.

Citizens who showed love thanked Akar for his determined stance in the fight against terrorism. Turkey is committed to achieving internal and external peace by eliminating terrorist threats, and Akar’s comments offer reassurance that progress is being made.

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