Sleep deprivation leads to car crashes.

Lack of sleep causes accidents while driving, according to experts. In an interview with UAV, Akdur emphasized the importance of quality and adequate sleep before driving, as it can cause concentration disorders, lack of attention, and decreased reflexes. Insomnia is also a significant risk factor for traffic accidents, especially for long-distance drivers. Moreover, the use of sleep-inducing drugs before driving is highly discouraged.

Drinking while driving puts everyone in great danger, including passengers and other drivers. Therefore, long-distance drivers should take frequent breaks, walk around, and move their hands, neck, and feet to keep their blood flowing. People with diabetes should also consult their doctors before driving.

Loss of vision or visual field loss also puts drivers at risk of accidents, so an ophthalmologist check before embarking on a long journey can be life-saving. In-car air conditioners can cause eye burns and dry eyes, and direct sunlight is also harmful to drivers’ vision. Wearing quality and UV-filtered sunglasses can prevent these issues.

Smoking in the car creates a dense smoke environment that can impair drivers’ vision. Talking, texting, and using a cell phone while driving can be fatal, so it is important to follow traffic rules and avoid distractions.

During Ramadan, drivers should also take extra precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road. Everyone in the vehicle should wear a seat belt, and babies and young children should never be placed in the front seat or on someone’s lap.

In conclusion, driving requires alertness and concentration, and drivers should take steps to ensure they are well-rested, healthy, and focused before getting behind the wheel. By following traffic rules and taking necessary precautions, we can prevent accidents and ensure safe travels for ourselves and those around us.

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