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The photos taken by Fenerbahçe footballers İrfan Can Kahveci and Serdar Aziz with the player Özgün Bayraktar in the show of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu became the agenda of the social media.

Bayraktar first shared the photo he took with Serdar Aziz and Kahveci on social media with yellow-red emojis. While the yellow-red heart emojis used by Bayraktar drew reactions from Fenerbahçe fans, Kahveci made a statement after the reactions.


Speaking on the subject, Kahveci said, «Last night, together with my wife, we attended the stand-up show of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, who is also a very good Fenerbahçe fan, to find morale and support. We also talked about football, about life, our families, our children, we laughed and had fun. «I apologize to everyone I have offended by using emojis that were put out of my control upon the request for a photo of someone performing at the show. I understand and respect those who can’t stand our laughter during this period.» said.

Kahveci made statements in the «Interview of the Day» program broadcast on Fenerbahçe TV.

Kahveci apologized to the fans and said, “If I offended our fans, I apologize to them. I would never want to give such an image. I myself am a Fenerbahçe fan. I will always do my best for Fenerbahçe to become the champion, whether I play or not. Whether I am here or not, I always want Fenerbahçe to be the champion. I will do anything for that. I started the season well. Although I played in a position that I was not accustomed to, I tried to get used to even that position, I struggled. Everything was going well. Then, after my 2-3 match performance dropped, I was mentally exhausted with these perceptions.”


Drawing attention to their unity and solidarity, İrfan Can said, “I made the best start of my career at the beginning of the season. Statistically, I was doing very well. After the World Cup break, I had a little underperformance, as was the case with the team. Then there were the mental problems. I work with a professional for this, I do everything. 9 weeks left. No matter who our fans are, they should be with us until the last week. I believe that we will bring both trophies here, I hope. We have to be together, we have to be together. Fenerbahce is a single club in Turkey, everyone is against Fenerbahce. We should always be together. In this process, we should not come to perceptions.” said.


Kahveci, stating that he will do his best for Fenerbahçe, said, “I always work extra because of my injuries. I also get professional support outside the field. I try to keep myself mentally prepared. I play until the end of the season, or I sit in the booth or in the stands… Of course, I want to play every game, I want to do my best for Fenerbahçe, but I will do my best to motivate my teammates even if I don’t play. I will try my best until the end of the season. I’m always self-critical. I see myself when my performance drops. But it’s not something I did on purpose. I notice when my performance drops, but I do my best to get it up again. Sometimes I say ‘our fans are rightly angry’. «I have never had an attitude towards the fans, and it can’t be from now on,» he said.

Actress Bayraktar then shared with yellow-dark blue and black-white emojis.


Player Uraz Kaygılaroğlu said on social media, «As a Fenerbahçe fan, I followed the events of last night with sadness. The reason for our sadness is that my desire to invite my friend İrfan Can, whom I have seen unhappy for days, to a stand-up show and cheer him up a little, makes things worse. I wanted to distribute it, give morale and win the player. Nothing unbecoming of the Fenerbahçe crest happened, everyone has the right to laugh and have fun.» made a statement.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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Footballers İrfan Can Kahveci and Serdar Aziz, both players of Fenerbahçe, caused controversy on social media after taking photos with Özgün Bayraktar during a stand-up show hosted by Uraz Kaygılaroğlu. The use of yellow-red heart emojis by Bayraktar in his social media post drew reactions from Fenerbahçe fans, leading to Kahveci issuing an apology for any offense caused. Kahveci and İrfan Can emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity for the team and pledged to do their best for Fenerbahçe until the end of the season. Kaygılaroğlu defended his actions, stating that he only intended to cheer up his friend İrfan Can Kahveci.

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