Police violence in the USA again took life: Black youth shot dead

A 17-year-old black teenager who was shot by the police in the USA died. The police, who received a stolen vehicle report in the capital Washington, took action. Dalaneo Martin, 17, was sleeping inside when crews found the vehicle parked. One of the cops jumped into the car to catch the driver. However, Martin did not comply with the «stop warning» of the police, and suddenly started to run away by pressing the gas. The police shot the black teenager at close range. Police teams announced that Martin died at the scene and that a gun was found in the vehicle.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A 17-year-old black teenager was shot and killed by the police in Washington, USA. The police were responding to a stolen vehicle report when they found Dalaneo Martin asleep in the car. One of the officers got into the car to apprehend the driver, but Martin did not comply with the police’s «stop warning» and pressed the gas, attempting to escape. As he ran away, the police shot him at close range, and Martin died at the scene. Police teams later found a gun in the vehicle. This incident has once again brought attention to police violence against black people in the USA.

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