The most stylish men of the series

The actors, who are currently locking the audience on the screens, are talked about not only with their successful performances, but also with their styles. Here are the characters who are acclaimed for their styles in the TV series published on Star…

Reşat Ademoğlu, the authoritarian father of the Ömer series, has been drawing attention with his style of dressing since the first episode. The character of Reşat, played by actor Barış Falay, is a conscientious, compassionate mosque teacher who is sincerely devoted to his family. Reşat, who has three children named Ömer, Tahir and Nisa, tries to prevent Ömer from falling into a similar situation after he distances himself from Nisa, who has a marriage that he does not approve.
Reşat, who always appears on the screen as clean, organized and stylish, looks like he will try to keep his son Ömer away from Gamze.
Orhan Korhan, the charismatic and flirtatious father of the Kingfisher TV series, also impresses with his dressing style.
Despite being married to Gülgün, Orhan, who has forbidden love with İfakat, is one of the characters who always wears suits in the series. Emre Altuğ gives life to Orhan Korhan, who tries to cope with all kinds of problems of the mansion.
Kazım Işık makes a name for himself with his gentlemanly demeanor and style in the series «Ucunda of the Night», adapted from Peride Celal’s novel of the same name.
The character of Kazım Işık, played by Kadir Doğulu, is the collector of the family. Although he is not very young, Kazım, who is always well-groomed and who suits him even if he wears sports, is one of the exemplary male characters of the screen who dresses well.
Master actor Salih Kalyon gives life to Tamer’s father Bülent in the Stickman TV series. Bülent Yılmaz has never taken care of his children and never compromised on his own luxury. Bülent Bey, who did not give up wearing his suit even though he begged for his children, moved to the mansion years later thanks to his son, whom he did not raise.
Bulent Yilmaz, who does not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities of his son Tamer, also draws attention with his passion for shopping and his flirtatiousness.

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The article talks about the stylish male characters from popular TV series. The first character discussed is Reşat Ademoğlu from the series Ömer. He is played by Barış Falay and is a conscientious and compassionate mosque teacher who is very stylish. The next character is Orhan Korhan from the series Kingfisher, played by Emre Altuğ, who is very charismatic and always dresses in suits. Kazım Işık from the series «Ucunda of the Night,» played by Kadir Doğulu, is another stylish character who always looks well-groomed, even in casual wear. Salih Kalyon’s character Bülent Yılmaz from the Stickman series is also discussed as he is someone who never compromises on luxury and always wears a suit, even when begging for his children. These characters have made an impact on viewers not just with their performances but also with their impeccable styles.

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